About Me – Dian Rusmadewi

Hello beauty babes, my name is Putu Dian Rusmadewi and you can call me Dian. It’s enough.
I live in Denpasar, Bali since I was born in 1994. I have background in accounting since Senior High School but I was never be an accountant.
(Someone hire me as an accountant please! LOL)

My first job was a photographer admin assistant then I move to be an online marketer since last year in 2012. I take system information of accountant as my major when I was in college. I graduated in 2016 and for sure I proud with myself because I never think that my life is getting better and better day by day. I never though that I can continue my study after senior high school, I never though that I can be as strong as now who I am. I thank God for all those things.

I like writing since I was in elementary school. I always have a dream that I can be a writer or have my own book. I won some competition before but since I know that life is not only about “having a passion” I work so hard to recoup all my weakness so I have more time to do my passion.

I like beauty things since I was in college. I didn’t have enough money when I was in senior high school so I just use any beauty product or clothes that my parent bough for me. So, when I started to work I bought one by one things that I dreamed about.

I also like traveling since I was a kid although I didn’t went to many places until now. I like when my school has study tour so I can go out with my friends. I love hanging out and talk to my friends so I can forget about my problems for a while. If I don’t have any money, I still go out as a mall traveler or a book seeker in Gramedia.

This blog is about my passion in writing, beauty things, traveling, and talking to myself as an analyst from my point of view about life.
This blog is dedicated to all my readers, especially as a proof to myself that I can write well and hopefully someday I can be a full time blogger.


Keep dreaming so you will wake up to reach it!